About Matt

My work crosses disciplinary boundaries, but can usually be understood in terms of political economy and political sociology in a British and European context. My main research interests coalesce around:

Welfare, Citizenship, Cohesion, Integration, Discourse, Ideology, Hardship/Poverty, Inequality

11252404_10100197476080921_2258173823977394718_o (1)
I don’t usually wear a hat, but I was on holiday which is enough of an excuse

I take a critical approach to my work, through engaging with the work of Gramsci in particular.

My BA was in Politics and Sociology, my MA was in International Studies (with a focus on citizenship and political theory), and my PhD was on the politics and policy of New Labour’s approach to cohesion and welfare.

I specialise in qualitative methods such as interviews, focus groups, and (critical) discourse analysis. I  can interview elites and non-elites, experts and everyday members of society. I’m currently exploring photo elicitation and visual anthropology. I’m keen to explore further the use of mixed methods and more quantitative studies.

I’m an adaptable and resourceful teacher, having taught a range of modules and topics such as: British Politics, Research Methods, Political Theory (as well as the application of theory to social and political issues), International Relations, and Crime and Disorder.

I enjoy blogging (obviously), and am keen to contribute to other blogs and publications where I can. Feel free to email me (m[dot]donoghue[at]herts[dot]ac[dot]uk) or use the contact form to discuss anything. Likewise if you’d like me to provide comment or analysis on current events, social and political issues, and so on.

I’m elsewhere on the internet, particularly: Twitter, Academia.edu, LinkedIn, and Researchgate


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