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Beyond Hegemony: Elaborating on the use of Gramscian concepts in Critical Discourse Analysis for Political Studies. Political Studies.

The work of Antonio Gramsci is important to the theoretical underpinnings of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). However, many scholars’ engagement with Gramsci’s work within CDA remains surprisingly thin. This article seeks to highlight the detriment to CDA of having only a surface enagagement with Gramsci. It critically assesses how Gramscian concepts such as hegemony and ‘common sense’ are currently employed within CDA, and provides more detailed discussion on the import of these concepts for CDA. The article also argues that introducting the Gramscian concepts of the war of position and spontaneous and normative grammars enable the further realisation of CDA’s ambition to be an emancipatory tool in political and social science. In so doing, the article contributes to work on CDA as a method in political studies, particularly concerning the role of discourse in reproducing and maintaining asymmetrical power relations between classes and social groups, and potential challenges to this.

(With H. Dagdeviren) Household responses to hardship and forms of agency after the crisis in Europe. Journal of European Social Policy

Work in Progress

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